£299.99 – Garmin Edge 520 Plus Mountain Bike Bundle Computers



MTB Bundle Included in the MTB bundle is a MTB-specific mount which is suitable for bike frames with shorter stems and also offers a more stabilised and secure mounting system. The bundle also comes with a remote for the Edge 520 Plus which allows you between features and functions using the remote that can sit on handlebars which allows you to use the computer while in the middle of the action. There is also a silicon case which fits snuggly around the 520 and gives it that extra level of protection that is needed when dealing with off-road cycling. Navigation Using GPS the Edge 520 comes with advanced navigation which is suited to both road and off road cycling. The cycling computer comes with the Garmin Cycle Map preloaded and ready for action with turn by turn directions. This allows you to find the best routes, trails and more. Strava Live Segments Also preloaded onto the Edge 520 is Strava Live Segments. This allows you to compete second by second with your previous best or another rider’s personal record. You can track your results on screen in real-time. Connectivity Options For an extensive list of additional options and functions you can connect the Edge 520 to your phone or tablet device via Bluetooth Smart. This allows you to stay connected via LiveTrack and GroupTrack with rider-to-rider messaging. The computer also can be used to receive smart notifications directly from your phone including text messages, phone call alerts, emails, social media notification and more.

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