£165.99 – Polar M430 Wrist HRM | White

£174.49 £165.99


Introducing the Polar M430 Wrist HRM, it’s the newest GPS running watch on the block, with advanced training features and 24/7 activity tracking, making it perfect for those runners who want more than just a GPS watch. Why is it so special? All in this little unit you can track your essential pace, distance and altitude from your wrist movements with the integrated GPS. You can use the famous Polar Fitness Test, paired with the innovative wrist-based heart rate, wherever and whenever you need to. It can create a personal training plan that fits your goals, and with the running index you can see how your performance is developing. The little watch becomes your very own personal trainer with all this, with the addition of delivering motivating feedback immediately after training describing the effect of the session, and feedback on your daily, weekly and monthly activity, showing how your active choices help you stay healthy.

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