£249.00 – Stages Cycling Dash Computers

£279.00 £249.00


Stages Dash approaches the concept of cycling data differently by putting a premium on the metrics that improve your performance Unparalleled Data Field Customisation, Clarity and Contrast -The only head unit able to quickly change between landscape and portrait views. -Split Screen view allows for elevation and workouts to be displayed alongside real-time metrics. -Display layout with 1 to 16 fields featuring an unparalleled level of customization. -High-resolution, high-contrast display for easy viewing in all conditions. -Easy data field set up through Stages Link or direct through Stages Dash.   Simple Workout Functionality -Wirelessly download easy-to-use, on-screen workout descriptions. -Automated on-the-bike ride prompts—no more notes taped to your top tube. -Wirelessly transfer data files to Stages Link and third party analysis sites. -Automatic Functional Threshold Power (FTP) and Training Zone updates when paired to Stages Link.   Form and Mechanical Function: Aerodynamics and Mount -Super slim aerodynamic profile with a mount designed to withstand the rigours of the Arenberg Forest. -Additional mounts allow landscape or portrait view, as well as options for mountain bike and aero bars.

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