£199.99 – TomTom Golfer 2 GPS Golf Watch 2017




TomTom Golfer 2 GPS WatchImprove your game round after round with the ultimate device for any golfer Automatic Shot DetectionThe watch comes with integrated motion sensors so that when you take a shot the Golfer watch will automatically detect your shots and record them in real time Ultimate RoundThis feature allows you to see your full potential every game. It shows you the best combination of holes that you could have played Automatic Score CardThe watch allows you to make rid of the pencil and paper and instead features an automatic scorecard that allows you to track your score. Plus, your shots are all recorded and categorised so that you can analyse them in a post-game analysis Green-ViewThe watch will give you a better understanding of the green you are playing than ever before. The watch will let you know the right approach, any hazard’s locations, and the layout of the green in general which will help you take the best shot Post-Game AnalysisNot only does the Golfer watch give you real-time data on your current play but after you’ve played you can fully analyse the game. This works by using the TomTom Golfer App via syncing your watch to your smartphone and downloading the app. The data from your watch, that has been stored throughout the game, can then filter through into the app and give you a detailed analysis of your shots. This includes looking at shot patterns on the course, putts and greens in regulations Hazards and GreensThe watch will warn you of hazards and give you an in-depth look at the green before or during your play. This feature uses the best in TomTom’s GPS systems and combines with course data. The watch synced with the Golfer App to download up to 40,000 international courses Robust DesignThe Golfer 2 is built to last the test of time and has an incredibly durable and user friendly design. The watch is fully waterproof up to 40m which means you can use it in torrential rain, take it in the bath or shower with you, and even go swimming while wearing it. The watch comes with small or large strap sizes to provide a comfortable fit whatever your wrist size and the straps are fully customisable FeaturesAutomatic shot detectionUltimate round functionGreen-view modePost-game analysisHazard and green distance alertsOver 40,000 courses availableUltra slim designAutomatic Score CardWater resistant up to 40mBuy TomTom Watches from Chain Reaction Cycles, the World’s Largest Online Bike Store.  

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